Friday Favorites

Hello! How has y’all’s (is that too many apostrophes in one word?) week been? Mine hasn’t been the best, but not the worst either. Casen’s finally getting adjusted to Pre-K so he’s been pretty happy to go the last few days and he’s not been crying for me at nap time, so that’s a good thing. Yesterday though, I had a super busy day getting ready for my first-ever bootcamp (which went great!) and then I got outside to start my car (to go pick up the oldest from school) and my tire was really low, ugh, so I ended up putting air in it at a gas station, going to school for pick-up and then stopping by a tire shop on the way into town where they found a nail in it and plugged the hole in less than 10 minutes. awesome.

On the agenda for today? I’m working this morning while the baby naps and then I plan to not do a ton of anything until tonight’s episode of DCC!

Linking up today with Heather from Housewife Glamour again today!

  1. Chicken Lunch Meat w/cheese inside browned on the stove. Ok, I don’t have a picture of this but I swear I’ll take one next week (or maybe even today and pop it in here) but this is an AMAZING snack that’s packed with protein!
  2. Farmer Chris is the new Bachelor! I am so nerdy excited. Can I go on the show? Oh wait, I’m already married? To a farmer? Ok, well, I think Chris will be an awesome Bachelor! I heard that they were considering Arie and I do not love him, I actually made the comment that I wouldn’t watch if he was the Bachelor, so I’m glad he’s not.



  3. This blog post from Heather (Housewife Glamour) about Cassey Ho’s session at Idea Conference. Super informative!
  4. Being Sore. Ok, so this one is a little weird, but I love being sore, I feel like it means that I’m keeping my muscles guessing which is the ultimate goal for me so it’s lovely! Today my chest and back are sore from my short little workout yesterday before bootcamp, oh yeah!
    sore is the best feeling - the get fit chick
  5. American Ninja Warrior. I can’t wait to see if Kacy is able to get through the next level, she’s a beast!



What are you loving these days?

You have to be ready…like REALLY ready.

A common question I get asked by people wanting to lose weight is, of course, “How did you do it?!?” I usually answer with something like “healthy eating and exercise”, to which they respond with, “Oh gosh, but I love ______ (fill in the blank with pizza, pasta, etc)” and then I’ll say something like, “Oh yeah, me too, you can still eat it but I just didn’t eat as much or as often” then they’ll answer with, “Hm, I don’t think I can stop eating ________”.

This is the part of the conversation where I usually say, “well, you have to be READY, like REALLY ready or you’re going to get burnt out.”

What do I mean by that?

Well, it’s like this, there can be a desire to lose weight or get healthy (or start exercising, etc) where a personal WANTS to do those things but they’re not “there” quite yet. They’re not to the point where they are DRIVEN to lose weight and are willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. That’s the difference and it’s HUGE!

One can be upset about their appearance and/or weight or the fact that they can’t physically play with their kids because their energy is so low but unless they’re really ready to deal with the inconveniences that come along with making a lifestyle change, then they’ll just keep being upset about it and not do anything to fix it.

It’s hard work. It takes dedication. It takes LOTS of motivation. If you don’t have that, “it’s” not going to work for you.

Here’s a good scenario -

Person 1: “I really want to lose weight but I just don’t have time to exercise and I’m going on vacation in a few weeks so I may just wait until then. I’m also in a time crunch of the evenings and don’t want to cook, can I lose weight by eating out still?”

This person is PROBABLY not super motivated – they’re still making excuses for why they CAN’T make changes.

Person 2: “I am so ready to lose weight, I want to start tomorrow and I will do whatever it takes! I plan to make a change and be able to get my workouts in during my lunch break or whenever I can fit it. I don’t care what food I have to live without, I just want this weight gone.”

This person is more than likely super motivated and will be willing to make the changes.

Those are extreme examples, for sure, but they’re good clear examples of what the difference is.

You have to be that 2nd person, willing to do whatever it takes, to be successful at anything.



Now, I’m not saying you have to live without pizza, pasta, chocolate, etc to lose weight – you totally DON’T, actually! I’m just saying that eating that type of thing in large amounts at a high frequency is what likely put the weight on and so sacrifices have to be made to change that way of life and you have to be REALLY ready to take on those sacrifices and inconveniences!

It’s a lifestyle change, so, what’s hard at first won’t always be hard – you’ll learn to love the way you feel not doing those other things and you’ll never look back!

So, yeah, there ya have it – the KEY to losing weight, above and beyond everything else, is the burning desire; the readiness to throw all excuses out the window and to GO FOR IT!


WIAW: IIFYM & left over photos

Omg, so, I turned on my “big” camera this morning with every intention of photographing my ‘eats’ for the day and literally walked out of the door without it and without any thought of taking pictures! So, bear with me, Imma gonna use some oldies and some Internet sourced pictures. Ha!

[btw, I'm linking up with Peas & Crayons for WIAW again.]

I’m mentioned before that I was starting IIFYM but, honestly, after that, it flopped. I had a major binging period there, I don’t really know why but I started this week really fresh (actually over the weekend), watching my macros to a tee and BOY do I notice a difference already!?!? I had gained about 5 pounds since we’d been back from Hawaii and, while that didn’t really bother me, I am still trying to get my tummy in tip top shape and I KNOW that diet is 99% of that and because I love to have a good treat now and then, IIFYM FTW (the acronyms, oh the acronyms). Anywho, after 4 days of following strictly my tummy is way way less bloated and I’ve not had any binging issues, thank goodness…AND, aaaannnnddd….I ate a Subway cookie today, which was basically a slice of Heaven and two big ol’ juicy peaches! YUM.

Oh, something I think might be useful for those following an IIFYM (If it fits your macros) type of eating plan is the screenshot of my day-end #’s on MFP, so here’s that. I went over a little bit more than I anticipated (I forgot I hadn’t added something earlier today), but it’s still good!

IIFYM numbers

Ok…let’s get started, shall we?

Breakfast, I basically had this except I had scrambled eggs with egg whites.

WIAW - The Get Fit Chick

For a snack, I munched on a Nature’s Valley Oats & Honey bar on the way to the gym this morning (for a training session..woop!).

WIAW - the get fit chick

That held me over through my session and a SHORT lifting session for myself (which I then finished and paired with cardio later that night), then I was STARVING and needed lunch! I had a Subway Chopped Salad made with teriyaki chicken, spinach, green peppers, tomatoes & cheese. And then I had about 3/4 of a chocolate chip cookie that I bought for my little lunch date since he was more interested in the salad than the cookie, whoop whoop!

WIAW - IIFYM - Subway Chopped Chicken Salad
Source – except, ya know, it wasn’t a DOUBLE.

We headed off to Walmart and I bought some really yummy looking peaches! I chowed one of them down right away, I didn’t even get out of the parking lot before biting into it! Then I also had a Quaker Rice Cake (Caramel).

After picking up my biggest guy from PreK I had a few hours to kill still until my 2nd training session of the day so I munched on ANOTHER one of these!

WIAW - the get fit chick

Once I got home I fixed all kinds of food! I ate some turkey bacon, more scrambled eggs (I could eat eggs ALL THE TIME), some chicken breast sandwich slices and cheese roll-ups browned in a pan (YUM!), another peach and then some more snacks. It was all so yummy too!

Can someone please send me a reminder every Tuesday to take some dern photos of what I eat, please!? Geez.


Let Passion Pave Your Path

Something was said on Facebook (ew, I have such a love/hate relationship with Facebook and all that jazz) tonight (Monday) by someone that I feel was directed towards me, I’m about 92% it was and I wanted with everything in me to correct her and call her out on what she was saying but I chose not to…I’m going to do that here instead. Ha! Really, I’m just joking…sort of.

Basically, it was questioned how losing weight qualifies me as a personal trainer.

Well, that’s pretty simple…it doesn’t. Not even in the slightest.

But, ya know what losing weight did?

It introduced me to a way of life that I was oblivious to before. It threw me head first into eating healthy and rejuvenated my love for all things active, since I had lost that when I became too lazy to workout. It gave me a fire in my belly to HELP other women find this amazing place, a place where you feel great about yourself and those body insecurities are (mostly) gone. To help other women get their life back, be able to play with their kids without tiring out, do fun activities without fear, not be afraid to get IN FRONT of the camera, instead of always living behind it – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the things i want to help women gain by helping them lose.

Losing weight fed a passion but it did not, in any way, “qualify” me to be a personal trainer and nutrition consultant.

Ya know what qualified me to do this? AFPA qualified me to do it when I passed my CPT test and Nutrition & Wellness Consultant tests with over 92% on both. That’s what actually qualified me, if we’re being technical. Training myself over the past 16 months in a way which ultimately led me to lose 61 pounds definitely gives me some experience and, in the eyes of future clients, it qualifies me because if I can do it for myself, I can do it for them!

Now, back to the passion. I believe with ever fiber of my being that you should DO WHAT YOU LOVE, if you don’t have a passion for something, then it’s just a paycheck and I don’t believe your life can be fulfilled that way.

I am belly-burning-passionate about this healthy living life…passionate about helping other women lose weight and get healthy…passionate about exercising and being active and that passion is going to drive me to be these best darn Personal Trainer & Nutrition Consultant I can be,
let your passion pave your path

I don’t know who’s more qualified to do ANY job than someone who’s got the appropriate legal certifications and licensure AND a burning passion for their work, do you?

We should let our passion become our career. If we all did that, imagine the world we’d live in!!! A world where everyone feverishly shared their passion with others, where people were HAPPY at work and not just pulling 9-5′s, a world in which there was never the attitude “let’s just do this to get a paycheck”…ahhh, wouldn’t that be great.

So, I say all of that to say this, “Let your passions pave your path”. Leave the haters (because there will ALWAYS be haters) behind and do what you are passionate about…it’s ok and, actually, in my eyes, it’s perfect!

MIMM : Client Successes

Hey you guuuyyysss! Today isn’t starting out the greatest because, well, a few things – I’m missing my biggest boy at school A LOT today, questioning whether I should have started sending him at just 4 years old (he’s loving it, so I KNOW it’s ok, I am just missing him) and my littlest guy smeared POOP all over the floors, my yoga mat AND THE IPAD this morning. So yeah, not great.

BUT…I did get some AWESOME messages this morning! My first two weight-loss plan clients have lost 4 and 5 pounds! AND!!!! One of my clients who’s husband is doing the plan with her, well, the husband, he lost 8 pounds! In a week y’all! Both are eating well over 1500-1600 cals per day (I don’t know about the husband) and working out around 35 minutes 6 days/week! I’m SO excited for them! SO SO SO excited!!!

And, this weekend was great too!

On Friday we just sort of hung out at home. Then Saturday we had lunch with my in-laws and then went to my parents’ house for supper, it was yummy tacos! Yesterday, Sunday, we ate lunch with my in-laws, I killed my husband with my bootcamp workout and then we just hung out again.

A lazy but FUN weekend!

No pictures though…so, yeah.

How was your weekend? Please tell me YOU haven’t ever had to clean poop off of an iPad.

Friday Favorites

So, first let me say that there are just not enough hours in the day, are there? I know I’m not the only one that feels that way but, geez, I only sat down ONCE today, literally, not even to eat, only to rock the baby to sleep and here it’s 4pm and I don’t know where the day went?!?

Anywho, I’m linking up today with Heather from Housewife Glamour for her Friday Favorites post!

I haven’t participated in FF lately, or much organized blogging at all, because I’ve just been super duper busy but I decided to make like Nike and JUST DO IT today.

THIS NEW TAYLOR SWIFT VIDEO AND SONG. I am a sucker for a good catchy tune, especially when it’s paired with Taylor Swift poking fun at herself and her less-than-steller dance moves!

FINALLY FINDING A LOCATION FOR MY NEW LOCAL BOOTCAMP! Omg, do y’all know how hard it is to find somewhere that doesn’t want to charge you (and in turn, causing you to charge your clients) a million doll hairs to use their facilities for a one-hour class/week? Hard. I FINALLY nailed down an outdoor location though which I”m SUPER excited about! I’m starting it on Thursday of next week, so, if you’re local come on down! It does sort of stink though because I’m going to have to move it indoor in a few months and I am still striking out finding a place but i’m crossing my fingers and praying that somewhere turns up!

bootcamp workout lansing, ashe county, west jefferson, boone, nc

DCC MAKING THE TEAM! I love this show every.single.year! I’ve said it 1,000 times and I’ll say it again, I WISH SO HARD that I would have tried out for that team right out of high school, I so could have done it and it ticks me off that I didn’t at least TRY! But, since I didn’t and I can’t now, I just live vicariously through watching the reality show, ha! If you’re not watching it, it comes on tonight on CMT!!!


MY NEW BLOG DESIGN. Are you loving it as much as I am? Good. Keep lovin’.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 2.06.48 PM


MY BOYS. I know this one is a “duh” but since my biggest little guy started Preschool this week I’ve really really missed him throughout the day (he’s only gone 2 days, but ya know, still) and I’ve also really enjoyed my alone time with the littlest man. I’ve found that I’ve been so much more calm with them this past week and my Momma LOVE is just in full force.


Picture Previews!

Hey Guys! I’m just dropping in tonight to show y’all some of the preview from the photoshoot(s) that I mentioned yesterday. I am in LOVE with a lot of these shots, IN LOVE. I am weeding through these and planning a website redesign with LOTS of new features, whoop whoop! For now though, enjoy!

I’m going to link-up too with some “what I wore” link-ups! The black capris in the first photos and then the mint and colorful shorts in the action shots are all from Fabletics and then the sweatshirt was something I had printed locally!

the get fit chick photoshoot IMG_8712 IMG_8749 IMG_8777 IMG_8853 IMG_8942 IMG_8945 IMG_8961

An AWESOME weekend!

Hey guys! I’m linking up again with the MIMM link-up over at Healthy Diva Eats.

We had a great weekend this past weekend, it really was a ton of fun packed into a few days!

On Friday I picked up some new clothing pieces with my new logo and had an impromptu photoshoot at a produce stand with Tiffany from Willow Imagery & Doula. It was seriously an accident but I am SO excited to see the pictures because the one proof she sent me is AMAZING and my new favorite picture, so yeah. How is a photoshoot an accident you say? Well, I wanted to hit a local grocery store for some ‘buy this not this’ photos for my online training and meal planning services and, well, you’re not allowed to take pictures in grocery stores…go figure. So, we did a produce stand photoshoot and I am SO glad it worked out that way!

The Get Fit Chick

Then, on Saturday morning I met with Tiffany again and did a few more shots that you’ll have to wait and see (and so will I, lol) – most of which was breakdowns of certain moves for my exercise library that my clients will have access to! But here’s a sneaky peaky at what the background looked like!

the get fit chick - mt jefferson

Later Saturday my parents came over and we ate my Dad’s yummy meatballs and spaghetti and went and picked some green beans for them to take home and can.

Sunday we went to Church where my husband and the kids sat in the parking lot and listened to the service and a dead, dried up salamander was found and utilized to scare their Nana, ha! Then we left and went to Mt. Rogers/Grayson Highlands for a little family hike which was a ton of fun, everybody did great and it wasn’t too hot, so that was good!

IMG_3704 IMG_3700 IMG_3695 IMG_3693 IMG_3688 The Get Fit Chick

Oh..did I mention that we had Open House for my oldest son’s PRESCHOOL? How is he old enough for that? Ugg…so, tomorrow I’ll be huddled in a parking lot crying hysterically if you need me.

And today, today is my 7 year wedding anniversary to that turd in those pictures up there ^.

WHat did y’all do this weekend?

WIAW – tuna?

Before I get into the WIAW post, I want to take a second and say THANK YOU to everyone who’s contacted me so far to help them reach their health and fitness needs, I am SO excited about this new journey! If you’d like to know more about my package, I am slowly updating the website and getting everything on there but, in the meantime, just email me at and I’ll get you lots of info!


Ok, so onto WIAW! I’m linking up, as always, with Peas & Crayons.

I’m super late to the game today because, while I had planned to write this post last night, that didn’t happen and then this morning we had to make an early-morning trip to get my 4-year-old his ‘before school’ vaccines. How is he old enough for all of this stuff? I Can’t believe he’s starting preschool next week, I’m amazed, really. I’m also amazed in stupid people who try to bring others down…but that’s a story for a different day.


Yesterday we had a pretty relaxed day at home – I even swung a NAP! The baby didn’t sleep well the night before and I was beat so I napped while he napped for at least maybe 30 minutes and then I felt so great that it was hard to get into the bed at 11:00 when I NEEDED to go to sleep because we had to be up early. Oh well, the nap was glorious!

This has been my breakfast basically for a week now. Turkey bacon, egg & Ezekiel Toast with Cinnamon Sugar. Holy Yum, really.

WIAW - The Get Fit Chick

Then I snacked on some grapes and cheese mid-morning.

WIAW - The Get Fit Chick

For lunch I had some ground turkey that I had mixed with a little bit of chilli flavoring and browned just to have for a few days for lunches. So, I had that and some green beans (sorry, not the best pictures, these were an after thought so are of the leftovers, ha!)

_DSC0018 WIAW - The GEt Fit Chick

^Those suckers are straight form the garden. I actually cooked a pot up last week and ate them ALL within a few days and then these were some that my mother-in-law sent over.

I continued snacking until dinner (I am SUCH a snacker, it stinks).

_DSC0017 WIAW - the get fit chick

Ok, so then, for supper I decided i wanted to try some tuna with avocado on some toast. Well…i didn’t like it at all. I don’t like tuna unless it’s cooked anyway so I’m not exactly sure why I thought I’d like it but I didn’t and ended up giving it to the cat. Ha!


So, after that FAIL, I decided to just cook up some turkey bacon and have some scrambled eggs (I was making biscuits and eggs for the rest of the family), so that’s what I did but I forgot to take a picture…but that’s ok, because nobody needs TWO pictures of eggs and turkey bacon, do they? Nope.

Anyway, I snacked a little more and had a Quest cookie dough bar, they really are my new favorite – worked out, had a few more grapes and then worked for a few hours before hitting the sack!

Do you like tuna? What are your favorite COOKED tuna recipes?



So, guess what, I am a certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Consultant now…woohoo!

That explains my lack of blog posts for most of last week, I was SWAMPED with studying because I really wanted to take my Nutrition test this weekend…and I did, Friday night! Woop!

certified personal trainer

*Yes, I used this same picture last week…woops*

That’s most of my weekend marvelousness but there was other stuff too.

On Saturday, we went to eat at a pizza place with my parents and I had a yummy salad with a mutilated chicken wing from the salad bar and it was super good. Then, my Dad, my husband and my oldest son went to see the new TMNT movie (and they loved it, my husband says it is GREAT and a”must see”.). My mom, sister, me and my youngest turd made a quick trip to Walmart and then we hung out at their house until “the boys” got back from the movie. Fun night. I ran 2 miles Saturday morning too, I don’t normally do a lot of steady-state running because I don’t love it but I definitely throw it in here and there because I want to maintain my endurance AND because I know it’s good for my cardio strength to get in there. Anyway, I haven’t ran on the treadmill in a while, I”ve been running outside most of the summer, and it was a SWEATY run, I mean WAY sweaty, I was DRIPPING!
IMG_3594 IMG_3597

Then, Sunday we went with my in-laws to Cracker Barrel and then see one of my husband’s Great Aunt’s in the hospital and I returned a pair of jeans to Old Navy and got some athletic shorts and then came home.

That’s really it, I guess but it was a pretty good weekend – I got a lot of work done, signed TWO clients (the day after getting completely done with everything) and am well on my way to getting all of my other ducks in a row with everything i want to do!

If you’re interested in my online personal training and/or Nutrition Consulting services, check out the information here and then shoot me an email, I’d LOVE to work with you!