WHY you can’t out exercise a bad diet…

you can't out exercise a bad diet
I know you’ve heard the saying “You can’t out exercise a bad diet” but do you really know WHY that’s the case?


Let me help you out with that one and in regular-person terms, not crazy acronyms and medical words.

Losing weight is simple, in theory, like I’ve said before, it’s just a matter of calories in being less than calories out.

K – let’s dive in.

Everyone’s bodies burn a certain number of calories just sitting still, these are the calories your body uses just to function and live. This stagnant # of calories is called your Resting Metabolic Rate (or Basal Metabolic Rate) but that’s not important, just giving you that little nugget of info in case you wondered.

Anyway, the number of calories you burn just sitting still is based on your age, activity rate (ex: do you exercise everyday and have an active on-your-feet job vs sitting at a desk and never exercising), height and weight. You can increase this calorie burn number by exercising in addition to your “normal” activity. Here’s a little calculator you can use if you’d like to see a guess just based on your age, height & weight. 

So, say you burn 1400 calories just sitting still and then you exercise and burn 300 additional calories, you’ve burned 1700 calories today.

Now…on to the next piece.

Just a little number that you need to remember – there are 3500 calories in one pound. That’s to LOSE or GAIN that one pound. 

Let’s try and not get too crazy with the numbers BUT every piece of food you put into your mouth has a calorie count. For instance, a big mac with fries and a large coke has 1150 calories. So, say you get a refill on your drink after lunch, then have a donut back at the office, eat a salad for supper and had an egg mcmuffin and cappuccino this morning for breakfast. Your calorie count for your food today is somewhere around 3000.

So, let’s do a little math – you’ve BURNED 1700 calories today just living and with your workout but you’ve consumed 3000 calories. That means your calorie count is in SURPLUS by 1300. Even if you worked out TWICE as hard that day and burn 600 calories working out, you’d still have a surplus of calories of about 1000 calories. So, since you had that surplus today of 1300 (we’ll take away that extra exercise for the purpose of example) and you basically eat the same way and workout the same way everyday, you’ll have a surplus of 9100 calories by the end of the week (1300 surplus x 7 days this week). So, since there’s 3500 calories in a pound, you’ve officially gained 2.6 pounds this week. Seriously.

and think about it, that example I just listed above, you really didn’t eat that much food, did you? Just a sandwich for breakfast, a caffeine drink, a sandwich, fries and drink for lunch, a refilled drink, a donut and a salad (<—yes, a salad).

Your exercise didn’t help either, you were working out HARD and still gained almost 3 pounds, that sucks, right?

Now, since 3500 calories make up a pound to LOSE weight as well, let’s hit another scenario.

Ok, say you NORMALLY eat 3000 calories per day (we’ll use the same scenario above, same foods) and you want to start losing weight. You also exercise and you’re burning around 1700 calories per day between your resting burn and your exercise. Again, same basic scenario as above.

Since we know that there are 3500 calories in a pound, you need to cut your calories per week by 3500 to lose ONE POUND or 7000 to lose TWO POUNDS per week. Two pounds is going to be your maximum for a healthy weight loss per week and since I know everyone wants to lose the max amount per week, we’ll go with that example.

We’ll just turn that same GAINING weight scenario around and say you consume 1700 calories per day (which is technically your break-even point as far as calories in vs calories out), but since your body is used to you eating 3000 cals per day it’s “technically” a deficit of 1300 calories per day. So, if you do that all week, you’re in a deficit of 9100 calories this week which means you’ve LOST that 2.6 pounds you gained last week. YES!

Now, remember when I said it’s calories in vs calories out, right? Well, the reason you lost last week (see above scenario) is because your body was used to consuming those 3000 calories but now since you’ve showed your body to be used to consuming 1700, you’ll need to actually consume less calories next week than you burn (the 1700) to lose weight. My recommendation is to either have someone plan your meals for you (which, ya know, I can do) based on your calorie burn or use a service like myfitnesspal.com to calculate it for you and track every.piece.of.food.and.drinks.that.go.into.your.mouth. This process gets harder and harder as you lose weight too because you’re not going to be using as many calories just to live anymore.

Now, I say all of that but do need to clarify a few things. A woman should never consume less than 1200 calories per day, this is the least amount our bodies need to function correctly but I don’t even recommend going this low, it can cause some major damage to your metabolism and you’ll have an even harder time losing and/or maintaining your weight later on.

Ok, one last thing – do you remember the amount of food you ate in the 1st scenario for the massive amount of calories? Not much, right? Well, here’s an example of all of the food you could have for 1500 calories.

1 whole egg + ½ cup of liquid egg whites

2 slices of turkey bacon

1 banana

1 slice of whole grain bread (Ezekial)

Light String Cheese

1 cup grapes

4oz of cooked chicken breast (seasoned to taste)

¼ avocado

1 cup of vegetable of choice (green beans, peas, corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet potato, spinach, etc)

Protein Bar ( Clif, Luna, PowerBar, ProBar, QuestBar are all examples, anything with more than 10 grams and of protein and 200 calories or less is fine).

Turkey Burger + 1 cup spinach + cubed roma tomato + 1 cup any other veggie.


Optional: 1TBsp of a nut butter

That’s A LOT more food and being able to eat a lot more often! It’s just that the calorie counts are MUCH lower than the fast food you had consumed before so you get more bang for your buck. Win/win.

So, that is why you can’t out exercise a bad diet – it’s all about the calories you’re consuming so when you’re eating a “bad diet”, your calorie consumption is going to be higher negating any exercise you do. There’s a bit more to it in breaking down nutrients and things like that BUT, for the purposes of today’s example, this is as simple as it gets!

Now, who’s ready to sign up to have your meal plans and workout plans delivered to your inbox each week?

Healthy EASY Chili Beans [recipe]

This week has been nuts, seriously, we’ve ran non-stop and we’re still wiping noses which is about as fun as it sounds.

Since I MEANT to drop in yesterday for what I ate Wednesday OR What I wore Wednesday and didn’t – I’m going to share a recipe with y’all today!

I am going to go ahead and link up this recipe with Peas & Crayons!

Who wants a HEALTHY (low cal) EASY Chili Bean recipe?!?

You do? Awesome.

Now, let me start by saying that this is fairly high in sodium which isn’t really an issues for me because I eat a pretty low sodium diet BUT if you’re eating a lot of fast food or canned foods throughout the day this dish is not necessarily “healthy” for you. The good news is that you can make it lower sodium by either getting the “no salt added” or “lower sodium” cans of things OR cooking your own beans without a ton of salt. 

Ok, now, let’s get to it!

healthy chili beans


  • 1 large can of tomato sauce
  • 4 cans of beans of choice (I used three pintos and 1 black beans)
  • 1 packet of chili seasoning mix
  • 1 pound ground turkey (or beef or chicken…whatever you’d like)
  • Options: diced green pepper and/or onion (I usually add this but didn’t have them and it’s just as yummy without)

healthy chili bean recipe healthy chili bean recipe healthy chili bean recipe

Now, here comes the hard part (just joking).

Brown the meat as you would normally and then in a separate pot simmer all of the other ingredients EXCEPT THE CHILI MIX.

healthy chili bean recipe

Once the bean/tomato sauce pot is boiling and the ground turkey is browned, drain the meat and add it and the seasoning mix to the pot. Stir until mixed together well.

healthy chili bean recipe

Bring back up to a boil, stirring often to prevent it from sticking. Reduce heat and let simmer for a few minutes.

healthy chili bean recipe

Waalaa. Donzo.

Now that’s a yummy recipe for the cool fall/winter nights that are coming!

Oh…here’s the estimated nutrition facts. The sodium count is a little less in my recipe because I did use reduced sodium black beans but I couldn’t find reduced sodium pintos (which I do normally use in this but I went to a different grocery store). Again, reduce the sodium as much as you can if you already eat a high sodium diet (aka – fast food, lunch meat, canned or frozen foods/meals).

Serving Size = 1 cup!

healthy chili bean recipe - nutrition facts

Just another manic Monday & a leg workout

Hello out there! Blogging is sort of funny isn’t it? Like, I mean, who in the world am I talking to anyway? I really would like to know and “meet” you guys, so if you’re reading this PLEASE comment so I can see who you are!

This weekend was nothing for the record books, actually the whole family is sick still/again with a cold so we wiped a lot of snot this weekend, that was the highlight.

On Saturday we didn’t really do anything, I had my bootcamp which was awesome and then I came home and cleaned house until my Dad came over later that evening to play with the boys. He always brings some kind of present and ALWAYS brings chocolate milk, he’s pretty rad. Anyway, this week’s present was a new bubble machine because Mommy somebody ran over the old one.

bootcamp and bubbles IMG_3847 IMG_3849 IMG_3855

Then yesterday we all laid around and skipped Church and then I went to a viewing (a friend from Elementary School’s Dad passed away from terminal cancer, he was just 58 and had been fighting it for a while now, poor thing – he did get to see his daughter get married and his son (the one I grew up with) graduate from college and get his first “big boy job” but he passed prior to his new granddaughter being born who’s due in the next two weeks) which took FOREVER and then ran to the gym and the grocery store while the kids stayed home with Daddy – glorious kid-free time.

This morning I headed off to take my biggest little to PreSchool (Daddy normally takes him on the way to work but, since he’s not feeling well, he decided to stay home today) and then ducked off to the gym and THEN…then I took a nap when the baby did! aaaahhhh. Now we’re about an hour from leaving for a soccer game for the biggest boy, fun day.

So, who wants an awesome leg-burning workout? I came up with this several weeks ago and all of my clients have been extremely sore afterwards (as have I) and it’s the workout we did at bootcamp on Saturday so, yeah, it’s a leg and booty burner!

Remember: Ask a doctor before starting an exercise plan and always listen to your own body and use your own discretion. Although I am a personal trainer, I have not (and cannot) evaluated each and every one of you – so do the following workout at your own risk.

Use weights as you’d like and feel free to Google or YouTube any of the moves that you’re unsure of!

leg and booty burner

Friday Favorites

Wassup you fine folks? How has your week been? I wouldn’t know since I haven’t blogged and checked in ALL WEEK. Yeah, about that – the baby hasn’t slept good at all all week AND I spent every waking moment reading the Divergent Trilogy…don’t do it, the emotional toll isn’t worth fighting through the 2nd and 3rd books BUT the first book was great, just stop with that one. If I wasn’t reading that, then I was either working out, holding a sleeping baby (because he won’t let me put him down) or working…so yeah. Sorry blog, I’m back now!

Now, on to the point of this particular post – FRIDAY FAVORITES! I’m linking up with Heather @ housewife Glamour today.

#1: This MISSHA BB CREAM. You can find it here, it’s actually a Japanese (I think) product not sold in the US as far as I know BUT a few months ago I was looking for a BB cream that could be used as a foundation for PALE GIRLS. It’s hard to find something like that, as a pale complected girl, you usually either get orange or pink and nothing EVER matches but I am LOVING this. It was $11 for this tiny tube but worth it, it’s lasted a while.

bb cream for pale girls

2. Fruit Cups at the grocery store. Ok, is this one weird? Don’t care, lol. I’ve loved having these fresh cut fruit cups at the grocery store this week – I’ve gotten one each time I”ve went as a snack while we’re running errands and then I’d picked up the watermelon ones for my oldest son when he gets in the car from preschool…very convenient!

fruit cup

3. Divergent THE MOVIE. Ok, let me just say that we watched this movie on Saturday and I was OBSESSED…Ob, freakin’, sessed! So I knew I couldn’t wait until March, when the 2nd movie comes out, to find out what happens so I jumped into the series…I was very disappointed by the follow-up books (as I mentioned above), I don’t want to spoil it for anybody but I wouldn’t recommend the series but the Movie is amazing, I’m going to HOPE the 2nd movie is better than the 2nd book and I’ll pray that the 3rd movie has a different ending than the book.

I love Shailene Woodley (been watching her since Secret Life and her “real” personality is amazing in interviews) and the actor that plays FOUR in this movie (Theo James, I think) is my newest obsession…omg…their chemistry is amazing…ugg…I’m going to go watch it again, lol.


4. Essential Oils. I’m joining the trend and trying EOs! I only have lavender so far but used it on my little one for some ear/tooth pain and it seemed to work! I am getting some peppermint oil this week and then there are several on my list to get next – what’s your favorite?


That’s all I’ve got today, no need to overexert myself on my first blog post in a week, now is there? lol!

Hope you guys have a great weekend! What are your plans?


How to get started in the gym

I get it all the time, women wanting to start going to the gym but they don’t know how to get started, you.are.not.alone.

getting started at the gym: beginners tips for going to the gym - The Get fit Chick

Listen, I get it, it’s intimidating going into a place you’ve never been before (or only been to to sign up for a membership) where you envision huge guys with wandering eyes peppered all over the place.


gym creeps

But really, that’s not how it is. Sure, there’s the occasional ‘gym creep’ but it’s not like guys are just standing around staring at you while you’re working out (and if there is, you need to tell him to bite you!). I go to a pretty small gym (because I live in a small town) and I have just never had any trouble BUT certain times of the day are more crowded and I can totally see how starting at that time of day would freak someone out. Also, I have been to a handful of other, larger, gyms, including the USMC – Hawaii base gym which was CONSTANTLY FULL (do those guys/gals not work!?!?) and I can honestly say I never experienced an oogler there either.

99% of the time everyone is there for the same reason you are, to get in a good workout, not to watch everyone else.

Ok, anyway, back to the point of this post – how to get started once you decide you’re ready to go to the gym!

  • Have a gym employee show you around the different equipment. Most gyms are set up in a fashion that cardio equipment is nearest to the entrance, then assisted weight machines, then cable machines and then a dedicated weight room or free weight area. There’s also usually a room or large area with yoga mats, bosu & exercise balls, etc. Here’s a few shots from my gym (from my cell because I didn’t want to look like a creeper!)
    How to get started at the gym - the get fit chick How to get started at the gym - the get fit chick How to get started at the gym - the get fit chick
  • Start on the assisted weight machines. Ok, if you’re not experienced in lifting weights and/or you’re brand new to the gym with no personal trainer showing you the ropes, the last thing you want to do is go around slinging free weights and doing exercises without correct form. Form is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing when it comes to lifting weights, so, if you’re not sure of the correct form, these machines will help you. Now, I’m not a big fan of using them forever and ever Amen, but they’ll help you maintain and learn the correct form for the most standard lifts.
  • Get a workout plan – don’t just wander around unsure of what you’re doing. A lot of times gyms will have some generic workout plans based on their assisted-weight machines that you can follow to start with. If not, have someone create a workout plan for you (I swear, I’m not pushing my services, but I do this if you need it!) based on your current fitness level and goals. If you just sort of hop around from machine to machine with no real plan, you’re likely to overwork certain muscle groups or leave entire groups out completely or even just spend most of your gym time looking at the machines and figuring out which one looks least intimidating.
  • Familiarize yourself with the policies and common procedures of the facility. This one seems a little obvious but there are things like wiping down the equipment after use and/or not wearing wet tennis shoes on the cardio equipment that just need to be done. Also, there could be “common courtesy” types of things that people who are frequenters of your gym do that you’ll want to learn. For instance, when I went to the gym on base in Hawaii, there was an unspoken rule that if you were using a machine/piece of equipment, you placed a towel on it. I didn’t grab a towel the first day (which was a mistake within itself because it was CRAZY HOT in there) and found myself losing machine after machine or being asked if I was using them – i picked up pretty quick though and made sure I “marked my territory” throughout the rest of the time we were there.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help! If you don’t know how to use a piece of equipment, I GUARANTEE there’s a gym employee who will help you figure it out and not care one single bit to do so, it is their job after all! Also, most people in there working out are happy (“Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy…” <—–finish the line and name the movie, and we’ll totally be best friends!) so they’ll gladly show you something or help if asked.
  • Bring a friend! Everybody knows that working out with a friend can be fun and actually help you get your workout done and be accountable but it can also help you be more comfortable in this new setting!
  • Know the lingo. This is a post in and of itself but you need to familiarize yourself with things like ‘cardio equipment’, ”free weights’, ‘cable machine’, ‘assisted weight machines’, ‘bosu ball’, ‘exercise ball’, ‘medicine ball’, etc.Ok, I think that’s most of what I want to help y’all with today! Stay tuned…next week we’ll dive into getting started in the weight room (if you’ve been a gym go’er but haven’t made the trip to the free weight room yet) AND a whole series on gym lingo!

Do you go to a gym? What helped you get started?

WIAW: New school clothes + red ice-cream = disaster

Before I get to my eats for the day, if you’re new around these parts, be sure to click here for more about me and my story. Oh and I’d love for you to follow me on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook, ya know, when you’re in the mood to that sort of thing!

So, any who, what’s up with you fine folks today? I’m linking up at Peas & Crayons today, as always on Wednesdays.

I started off today with this breakfast…again. I am a creature of habit so I have this basically every morning. I did, however, switch out the bacon for sausage (turkey) but I forgot to take a picture so, yeah.

WIAW - The Get Fit Chick

I split a banana with the baby sometime after breakfast and had a NV Oats & Honey bar.

WIAW - the get fit chick

For lunch I had 1/2 of a hamburger steak, some avocado and honey mustard and then I munched on a small bowl of grapes and another banana. My husband doesn’t ever cook, ever, but the ONE thing he will cook is hamburger steaks – well, he got a craving for them on Monday night after we got home from getting our new donkey so he fixed them but I was not able to stomach them as late as it was (9;30pm) so I saved mine for today!

WIAW _ the get fit chick

While in the car line at PreK pick-up, I downed almost a whole one of these – that’s saying a lot for a girl who doesn’t like yogurt…I’m getting there…and it DOES have chocolate in it, after all.

WIAW - The Get Fit Chick

My little guy always comes home from school starving and we had to stay out and kill time today before his soccer game so I got him some McDonalds (don’t judge…the little one was eating the green peppers & cucumbers out of my salad..ha!) and stopped into Ingles to get me a salad.

WIAW - Ingles Chicken Salad

I am pretty sure I downed an entire bag of Pop Chips after this photo was taken. Yup, that’s how I roll.

So, then comes the ice-cream. Since we were wasting time I decided to stop into a local ice cream shop and get the boys a special little treat. I ended up eating a treat myself and it was amazing! But, the biggest boy is obsessed with cones vs. cups right now and his ice-cream was Krazy Kolors so it was BRIGHT red and he dropped the whole thing on his nice school shirt that has only been worn TWICE. erg. Here’s the praying it comes out!

wiaw - ice cream

Then we headed out to the park to let Daddy eat his supper while the boys played and I went for a quick run…it was lovely to let off some steam about the ice cream vs shirt debacle with a good run. After that we headed to the soccer game and then home where I snacked on a handful of Cheeze It’s and some fruit!

There ya have it!

Anybody have any good stain remover recommendations?!? Particularly for really bright red ice cream stains on brand new shirts?

Runny Noses & a Donkey


Not much here – just sort of looking forward to getting back to schedule today after a nice long Holiday weekend! We didn’t really make too much of a fuss around here this weekend, just the normal weekend stuff for us – cutting phone lines, having slight colds and picking up donkeys, really…pretty par. LOL.

Really though…

Friday I don’t think we did anything (I say I don’t “Think” because I don’t remember, ha!).

Then Saturday I had a training session pretty earlier in the AM so I ran to the gym myself, ran an errand for my husband and then trained my client, all before 9:30. I got my kids when I got home so my husband could work (if you didn’t know, we live on a farm) and we just chilled out around home. Late afternoon I noticed my internet was no longer working, so I picked up the phone and it was dead too…my husband was building fence (and driving steel posts) in our driveway – it was total deja vu! When I was hugely pregnant with Bowen (so about 1.5 years ago) this same thing happened while the husband was driving posts for fence and he had cut our fiber optic line…well, you guessed it – HE DID IT AGAIn! It totally wasn’t his fault this time though! Since he knew the line was really close to that old fence line, he called ahead and had someone mark the line but since the dude was too lazy to even get out of his truck, the line was obviously a little off and he hit it anyway. Ugg. So, we made a few calls and got someone to fix it and then headed over to my in-laws with my parents for supper!

On Sunday we had a picnic at Church afterwards and then when we got home around 1:30 the baby was about to fall over, so I got him to sleep and I laid down for a few minutes too because my head was busting! I woke up a few hours later with no headache and about 30 minutes to get ready to go to our next venue with some of my husband’s family.


Then yesterday I got sent back out to town for MORE errands for my husband so I left the boys with my mother-in-law and took the time to go to the gym on my way, ha! Late yesterday evening we ran over to a neighboring town and picked up a new donkey. It was too dark when we got home to take pictures of him but this is the picture that his original owners had on Craigslist – he’s cutie! If you’re wondering why we need a donkey, because I KNOW that’s what you’re wondering, we have sheep on our farm and donkeys are supposed to keep predators away (coyotes, dogs, etc). PLUS my little boys LOVE them some donkeys!


Fun times…what did you guys do?

Diary of a recovering junk-o-holic.

So, if you’re new around here you might not know that I haven’t always been a healthy eater….far from it, actually!

All of my childhood I ate junk, just junk, never touching a veggie (seriously) until I was an adult. I continued that food pattern until after I had my first son which is when I started turning my diet toward a healthier direction and now if I eat that stuff I get sick.

Anyway, one of the biggest things that people tell me is that they don’t know HOW to eat healthy OR that they’re eating MOSTLY healthy and still not losing weight.

Here’s the thing, I have been in both of those places! What in the world IS healthy anyway? It’s not necessarily easy to define since everyone’s healthy is different BUT I classify it as eating more veggies, protein and foods with nutrients and vitamins as opposed to non-nutritive processed foods that contain nothing but salt, sugar and junk our bodies don’t know how to process well.

if you eat what you've always eaten, you'll weigh what you've always weighed

Now, on to the other point – guys, we have to be honest with ourselves. There was a point when I started making healthier food choices by eliminating processed foods, using healthier alternatives for baking (chick peas in blondes & stevia instead of sugar) and I just assumed that I would start losing weight…but I didn’t. First, I was eating way too many calories still; I probably wasn’t eating like I was when I made the switch but I was still eating too much AND, if I would have been honest with myself, I definitely wasn’t eating healthy like I wanted people to believe. Sure I was making those substitutions but I was totally still murdering entire packs of candy and going back for 3rds on Spaghetti night (just to name a few examples).

I remember telling my doctor that year when I went for my check-up that I didn’t understand why I wasn’t losing weight, that I was eating healthy. That was bull, honestly, I was eating healthIER but I definitely wasn’t eating healthy, by no means – I was lying to her and, more importantly, I was lying to myself.

I promise you with every fiber in my being that your diet (not gimmick diets with names, just the way you eat) is THE MOST IMPORTANT factor to weight-loss and if what you’re doing right now isn’t working, you need to try something else! 

I know through this journey that there’ve been times I’ve slacked on my eating and my weight-loss stalled and I hear ALL THE TIME from people that I’m talking to about starting to eat healthier, “I really don’t eat that bad though”. I know when I hear that that they’re lying to themselves and to me BECAUSE I’VE DONE IT TOO.

Here’s the way to look at it, since diet is about 80-90% of weight management (exercise making up the other 10-20%), then even if you think you really don’t eat that bad, you’re doing something wrong to be maintaining a heavier weight than you’d like or storing fat in different areas, amiright?

If you keep eating the way you’ve always ate, you’ll weigh the same you’ve always weighed. 

Now, that is the truth if I’ve ever heard one.

Friday Favorites

Hello! How has y’all’s (is that too many apostrophes in one word?) week been? Mine hasn’t been the best, but not the worst either. Casen’s finally getting adjusted to Pre-K so he’s been pretty happy to go the last few days and he’s not been crying for me at nap time, so that’s a good thing. Yesterday though, I had a super busy day getting ready for my first-ever bootcamp (which went great!) and then I got outside to start my car (to go pick up the oldest from school) and my tire was really low, ugh, so I ended up putting air in it at a gas station, going to school for pick-up and then stopping by a tire shop on the way into town where they found a nail in it and plugged the hole in less than 10 minutes. awesome.

On the agenda for today? I’m working this morning while the baby naps and then I plan to not do a ton of anything until tonight’s episode of DCC!

Linking up today with Heather from Housewife Glamour again today!

  1. Chicken Lunch Meat w/cheese inside browned on the stove. Ok, I don’t have a picture of this but I swear I’ll take one next week (or maybe even today and pop it in here) but this is an AMAZING snack that’s packed with protein!
  2. Farmer Chris is the new Bachelor! I am so nerdy excited. Can I go on the show? Oh wait, I’m already married? To a farmer? Ok, well, I think Chris will be an awesome Bachelor! I heard that they were considering Arie and I do not love him, I actually made the comment that I wouldn’t watch if he was the Bachelor, so I’m glad he’s not.



  3. This blog post from Heather (Housewife Glamour) about Cassey Ho’s session at Idea Conference. Super informative!
  4. Being Sore. Ok, so this one is a little weird, but I love being sore, I feel like it means that I’m keeping my muscles guessing which is the ultimate goal for me so it’s lovely! Today my chest and back are sore from my short little workout yesterday before bootcamp, oh yeah!
    sore is the best feeling - the get fit chick
  5. American Ninja Warrior. I can’t wait to see if Kacy is able to get through the next level, she’s a beast!



What are you loving these days?

You have to be ready…like REALLY ready.

A common question I get asked by people wanting to lose weight is, of course, “How did you do it?!?” I usually answer with something like “healthy eating and exercise”, to which they respond with, “Oh gosh, but I love ______ (fill in the blank with pizza, pasta, etc)” and then I’ll say something like, “Oh yeah, me too, you can still eat it but I just didn’t eat as much or as often” then they’ll answer with, “Hm, I don’t think I can stop eating ________”.

This is the part of the conversation where I usually say, “well, you have to be READY, like REALLY ready or you’re going to get burnt out.”

What do I mean by that?

Well, it’s like this, there can be a desire to lose weight or get healthy (or start exercising, etc) where a personal WANTS to do those things but they’re not “there” quite yet. They’re not to the point where they are DRIVEN to lose weight and are willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. That’s the difference and it’s HUGE!

One can be upset about their appearance and/or weight or the fact that they can’t physically play with their kids because their energy is so low but unless they’re really ready to deal with the inconveniences that come along with making a lifestyle change, then they’ll just keep being upset about it and not do anything to fix it.

It’s hard work. It takes dedication. It takes LOTS of motivation. If you don’t have that, “it’s” not going to work for you.

Here’s a good scenario -

Person 1: “I really want to lose weight but I just don’t have time to exercise and I’m going on vacation in a few weeks so I may just wait until then. I’m also in a time crunch of the evenings and don’t want to cook, can I lose weight by eating out still?”

This person is PROBABLY not super motivated – they’re still making excuses for why they CAN’T make changes.

Person 2: “I am so ready to lose weight, I want to start tomorrow and I will do whatever it takes! I plan to make a change and be able to get my workouts in during my lunch break or whenever I can fit it. I don’t care what food I have to live without, I just want this weight gone.”

This person is more than likely super motivated and will be willing to make the changes.

Those are extreme examples, for sure, but they’re good clear examples of what the difference is.

You have to be that 2nd person, willing to do whatever it takes, to be successful at anything.



Now, I’m not saying you have to live without pizza, pasta, chocolate, etc to lose weight – you totally DON’T, actually! I’m just saying that eating that type of thing in large amounts at a high frequency is what likely put the weight on and so sacrifices have to be made to change that way of life and you have to be REALLY ready to take on those sacrifices and inconveniences!

It’s a lifestyle change, so, what’s hard at first won’t always be hard – you’ll learn to love the way you feel not doing those other things and you’ll never look back!

So, yeah, there ya have it – the KEY to losing weight, above and beyond everything else, is the burning desire; the readiness to throw all excuses out the window and to GO FOR IT!